So busy!

Hello beautiful people! I am behind on blogging and checking in with things, sorry bout that. I’ve been so busy!

I ran away from home and stayed with a friend for two days to only come home long enough to put my things up and leave to go thrifting. I did that to come home to stay in for the night around 8ish. I wish I could’ve just went back to my friend’s again, hahahaha.

Once I took a look around, I wasn’t surprised that the house was a mess since leaving those two days ago. It was pristine then and I returned to what felt like a dump. I cleaned and did laundry till around 3 this morning, got to bed, was up at 8; continuing my laundry that I didn’t finish. This is such a source of frustration for me. I know I’m OCD, I literally have the disorder, but why is it no one can have enough respect for me to clean up after their selves?

I’m happy to say that I weighed in at 133.5 pounds yesterday. Haven’t checked today’s so I will post that later on. I’ve been trying to stay super active no matter what activity I’m doing and that is helping greatly with things.

I’m about to now get in the shower and get “pretty” as I say so I can take Brennan to the library later. I like him to spend time reading when possible as it can only help him in school but also feed his soul, expand his mind, and promote him to question things he may be curious about. I need to do the same! Maybe I can find a “Blogging for dummies” book!

Alas, I gotta figure out the widget thing and stuff so I can accept the nominee’s I’ve received. I’m so touched by this but it has been like a month or more since being nominated! I got to get this figured out!

I hope each and everyone of you is well and your families are good too. Maybe you all have had awesome weekends. I truly hope you have. Thanks as always for being my support team and reading. You all mean the world to me! Till next..



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