Mr. Bojangles, the baby dog..

I know it’s my fault. I should of seen this becoming a problem, I just didn’t want to. My dog has become a needy, spoiled baby.

I can’t do anything. There are three dogs in my household and he belongs to me mainly and the boyfriend second. He’s a great dog. He’s smart, understands what we tell him, and listens most of the time.

I say most of the time because since being so depressed, at least the last few months, he has been stuck to me. He’s become my shadow and I don’t really want that all the time. Like today.

Has anyone else had this happen with a pet? I need to fix this, I just feel so mean! All he wants is to cuddle and be with me. How can you tell him to go get on his bed, etc? At the same, I am getting annoyed trying to do things and consistently having to lock him out of a room to get away from him. This is not right. I have lost control!

Just look at him now. He’s pulling out all the stops, he really is just precious. I adore this dog and really am not a animal person in regards to having pets. I don’t like having the responsibility, ya know what I mean? Sorta like why I haven’t had kids. It’s just a lot. This dog is special..

I have to get him back to being more independent. He sleeps with us, wants to be with me constantly, he’s just driving me insane! I will be glad when the weather stays consistently nice, he’s active so it will help a lot.

Any advice on how to make my dog a dog again? Let me know! Till next..









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